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The Director of Marketing, Jonathan Johnson, gave me an overview of the play and shared his experiences of being involved in the production.

The storyline is about a young, married couple that is struggling to conceive so the woman asks her best friend to be her surrogate. The best friend agrees, and all seems to be well at first. However, that quickly changes as times goes on. Jonathan said that the audience could expect some classic “baby mama drama” and plenty of comedy. He brings attention to the strong gospel undertone that will be presented throughout the play.

Preparation for the play took a great amount of patience and many rehearsals. Jonathan and Domenique worked together to help create chemistry between the cast members so that the play would come together nicely in the end.

As far as what he learned from the production, Jonathan said that it is always important to be willing to work hard, stay humbled, and not be afraid to speak. “Not only do closed mouths not get fed, they do not even get a chance to sit at the table”, he said.

He also said he learned about business aspects of producing a play, such as money management, spending, and consumption.

After the play, I was able to ask Domenique about the advice that he would give to aspiring playwrights, directors, and actors. He answered, “to always believe in yourself and your abilities. Don’t doubt yourself, stay motivated, and pray to God for help and guidance.”

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